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How to take care of the bedding

All our beddings and accessories are made of carefully selected, premium quality Italian fabrics. We use exclusively natural fabrics – linen, silk, wool, cotton and viscose. Our beddings, blankets, wrapping capes, crib bumpers, mats and cushions and totally handmade. We want our products to be perfects, that’s why we care even about the smallest details.

To enjoy the sleep with Papillon bedding as long as possible, we advise you to follow our tips:
- Wash linen in 30 o 40 degrees Celsius and iron when still damp.
- Wash cotton and viscose in 40 degrees Celsius.
- Woolen blankets should be hand washed or wash in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.
- Silk should be hand washed and ironed with a luke-warm iron, be very careful during the ironing as silk is an extremely delicate fibre.
- Blankets and wrapping capes could be dried spread on a flat surface.
- Never use bleaches or strong detergents, they can discolor and weaken linen and silk, instead you can use delicate stain remover for children’s products.

All the care instructions are on the label enclosed to your order.